CDK Voice Connect

Grow Your Dealership through Collaboration

Gain a competitive edge with a single provider for your unified communications Presence, IM, Voice, Video and Desktop Sharing.

Dealership Office Phone – Integrated with Your CDK DMS and CDK CRM

Even in a world of email and instant messaging, the majority of people will still call your dealership to inquire about a vehicle, schedule a Service appointment, or take a test drive. CDK Telephony is an integrated phone solution that allows your dealership to connect and communicate via Presence, IM, Voice and Video without limitations.

Phone Integration Creates a Seamless Workflow

Utilizing the data from your CDK Dealer Management System (DMS) and CDK CRM, you can:

  • See the Full Customer View
  • Log a lead
  • Begin to create repair orders

Traditional phone systems are standalone; they do not integrate or talk to other systems. If a customer calls in, associates must gather customer information, find them in the system, and then find the answer to their question. Customers do not want to wait on hold while the associate searches for all the information. With Voice Connect, there is no need to enter in the customers’ data—simply pull the information from the screen pop into your CDK CRM, and then continue pulling the data into the other CDK solutions:

Unified Communications

CDK Telephony gives your most valuable resource (your employees) the advantage of communicating seamlessly and effectively. This onsite phone solution provides you the following communications are available:

  • View the Presence icon to know if a co-worker is available for a call
  • Instant Message (IM) to get quick answers
  • Call from your Desk phone or smartphone, utilizing the dealership’s phone system
  • See for yourself through crystal clear Video with co-workers

What do you get with Voice Connect?

Voice Connect replaces your phone system, your phone lines, and the monthly bill from your local telephone company. The monthly fee covers the cost of the phone service and the cost of most calls, while CDK deals with the phone companies for you. You get the best prices and most reliable service … we get the headaches.

  • Users pay a flat monthly per phone fee for the phone service and the cost of calls—up to a maximum of 1500 minutes per phone (toll free and international calls are billed separately)
  • The only upfront expense is the cost of phones
  • Your phone lines are replaced by an CDK broadband communications line
  • Integration with your CDK Dealer Management System and CDK CRM system is available
  • All normal maintenance, system changes, upgrades and support are provided by IP Networked Services (IPNS), a subsidiary of CDK
  • All communications services come on one bill from IPNS

To learn more on how to increase your communication options, fill out the form to the right or contact your local CDK Sales Representative.

Automatically Notify Your Customers – CDK's Phone Notifications

The data is already in your Dealer Management System. Now, put it to work using your most productive sales tool ... your phone! Increase sales and reduce Service "no shows" by taking advantage of automatic Phone Notifications:

  • Call your customers with Service reminders to let them know when repairs are complete, freeing up your Service Representatives to bring in new business
  • Alert your customers when special order parts arrive, getting inventory off your shelves and into vehicles
  • Eliminate sticky notes since customer records are available in seconds to give you the phone number and vehicle information you need
  • Who's got time to return phone calls? With Click-to-Call, it is easy to dial the right number the first time, and get in touch with your customers fast

Discovery Meaningful Call Analytics – CDK’s Call Intelligence

CDK’s Call Intelligence provides you with detailed reports on your phone traffic in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand graphical format. Call Intelligence reports help you:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Sales responses and marketing campaigns with detailed opportunity reporting
  • Make informed staffing decisions with productivity reporting, which highlights the parts of your day and week when call volumes are the highest
  • Reduce phone-related costs with cost containment reporting, which identifies frequent, after-hours, international and unnecessary calls

You can access these reports—and many more—right from your Call Intelligence dashboard. To learn more on how to increase your communication options, fill out the form to the right or contact your local CDK Sales Representative.