Write a repair order in 30 seconds with CDK’s Quick Repair Order

Get your customers in and out of your Service bay faster than ever when you use CDK’s Quick Repair Order.

Quick Repair Order is an easy-to-use application ideal for quick lube lanes and fleet centers that need to service vehicles quickly and move on to the next job. You can enter parts and labor information easily and write a repair order in only 30 seconds. Increase repeat business when you let Quick Repair Order print customer reminder stickers for the next time service is due. Customer vehicle history information is saved for the next visit, too.

Get customers in and out quickly with a fast, easy repair order process

Customers of quick service facilities don’t want to wait around while you wrap up paperwork. And that’s why CDK’s Quick Repair Order is an ideal tool for your Service department:

  • Enter parts and labor information in seconds using Quick Codes
  • - An easy-to-read snapshot of what you’re ordering lets you check for accuracy
    - Write a repair order in just 30 seconds

  • Speed up the repair order process with automated settings
  • - Create easy-to-use templates and select the activities you want to automate or skip
    - Set up defaults like service advisor or technician number to speed through data entry
    - Save customer vehicle history information for quick access in the future

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • - Print stickers to remind customers of next service due
    - Keep the paperwork process quick and convenient

With Quick Repair Order, it’s never been easier to get your customers in and out quickly with a fast, easy repair order process.