Dealership Fixed Ops

Drive more Fixed Ops Revenue for Your Dealership

CDK’s Retail Process Technologies in Fixed Operations will allow dealers to drive and manage new service leads, reduce the required work effort, and provide multiple communication channels to the customer (e-mail, text, voice, mobile, direct mail, etc.)

Solutions for the Dealership Parts Department

With CDK Drive Parts Application and CDK's Parts Delivery Management, Driving sales and profits in your Parts department have never been easier.

Solutions for the Dealership Service Department

Increase service absorption with these easy to use service solutions.

Through the use of these proven tools:

  • Service visits can increase
  • Percentage of Customer Pay per Repair Order increases
  • Parts & extended maintenance sales increase
  • Customer is much more likely to purchase another vehicle from the dealership

Adoption of these CDK Fixed Operation Technologies will help dealers embrace a model recognizing that each of the dealership work-flow processes are part of a bigger retail process that needs to be managed to be successful.

If your goal is to increase customer retention look no further than CDK Global. When you combine CDK’s Fixed Operations solutions with seamless integration to CDK Drive, you’ll gain the tools you need to help attract, grow and retain your customers for life.